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Our success is
measured by our
Client's Success.
The Applied Marketing professionals have been assisting clients with their targeting and business development process for over 21 years. Applied Marketing began operations in October 2001 under the guidance of experienced industry professionals in economic development research, targeting, and lead generation, along with a strong real estate marketing background.

We provide an extensive range of services that support our client at any or every stage of the Business Development Process. Our approach reduces the costs of marketing, shrinks the time it takes to complete the sales cycle and increases the success rate and profitability of our clients.
Steve Pope
Leigh Ann Howe
Trudy McClintic
Vice President
John Williams
Operations and Professional Services Manager
Chris Leinheiser
Brian Gross
Operations Analyst
Philip Goldstein
Executive Qualification Specialist
Susan Pope
Qualification Specialist
Rosemary Danielson
Research & Project Coordinator
Andrew McDonough
Research Specialist
Katie Terpstra
Research Specialist
John McCahill
Business Development Strategies
Jeff Vedders