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Some of the toughest industries to target are also among the target industry lists the most requested from our clients. Applied Marketing has developed several such databases that can be offered at a significant discount from custom profiled target industry research. New lists are always under development, and custom lists can be developed, as well.
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Applied Marketing White Papers are informative and free. The subject matter ranges from specific industry information to tips on effective target marketing techniques to insight on economic indicators and events impacting the global and national economy. Download any or all of our ever-growing list of resources that can help make your efforts more effective.
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Whether you need to create a database of every office or industrial property in your market or Tenant Rep prospecting or your need to identify the best possible prospects for an office or industrial listing, REACH delivers an organized, segmented and high-quality database of leads based on your specifications.

REACH can also provide high-end target marketing for that specialized property with a national or international market.
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