Results-Oriented Business Development Process


With nearly one million business locations with 25 or more employees in the U.S., it requires expert technique and a commitment to process to be a successful business developer. Applied Marketing has both. We can support our clients with any aspect of the process or manage and execute the entire process.

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Wherever you are in the business development process, Applied Marketing can help. Review our services or contact us to learn more. 


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Target Segmentation

It starts with segmenting the universe of possible targets.  Our experience and access to industry and company intelligence helps us navigate the depths of information to focus attention on the targets right for our client.  Prioritizing target industries allows our clients to market to those segments representing the best opportunities.

Target Profiling

Once the targets have been segmented, profiling describes the characteristics of the most likely target companies for the market area. Size measures, growth indices, geographic market, financial indicators, and more are considered to establish the market research parameters. Too many parameters will leave viable opportunities out of the mix and too few parameters will fail to effectively narrow the target lead pool to an acceptable level. Knowing how to find the right measure of profiling requires expertise.

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Target Leads

Researching companies to find those meeting the Profile parameters can be a time-consuming and expensive process. However, doing so properly is less expensive and time consuming than cold-calling all of them or marketing to the wrong companies. Applied Marketing SmartLeads are researched and verified so our client can know these are the best targets for their market. 


Research can only move the process so far. The only way to know if a target is appropriate is to ask. Lead qualification can be done directly through Inside Sales calling decision makers and/or indirectly through email marketing to groups of targets. Both methods work, but only when done properly.

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It takes special expertise to put together high-quality meetings, whether those meetings are conference calls, marketing trips or trade shows. Applied Marketing has the experience to help our clients with service and support before, during and after the appointment. All of these efforts require expert project management experience.

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From target segmentation to the initial appointment, the successful business developer will likely have touched countless companies through their research and qualification efforts. The mindful and consistent implementation of an effective business development process leads to sales opportunities.