Megan Witherspoon

Qualification Specialist

Megan Witherspoon assists in the development of qualified leads, and making appointments for Applied Marketing’s clients. Megan is a graduate of Southeastern Illinois College, where she learned the importance of preparation and hard work. She applies these traits to her work as a Qualification Specialist today, which leads to quality appointments for our clients.

Megan has over five years of customer service and de-escalation experience. She’s previously worked for a Fortune 500 company, where she helped maintain customer satisfaction by assisting individuals who were experiencing difficult circumstances. Megan brings this customer focused approach to her work each day.

In her free time, Megan enjoys hobbies such as writing, cooking, and traveling. She also enjoys working with animals, and is very passionate about animal welfare. Her skillset and compassion for others make her a valuable member of the Applied Marketing team.