Duke Energy Business Development

Lead Qualification

Duke Energy engaged Applied Marketing to target large-load, U.S based producers/processors with a project that will be ready to go within the next 12 to 24 months. The industry sector focus was on Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Plastics and Food & Beverage. Applied Marketing identified and contacted 301 targeted companies on behalf of Duke Energy executing its Target Marketing Initiative.


Applied Marketing qualification specialists made 895 dial attempts and obtained a decision from 146 (48.5%) companies. More importantly, 28 Qualified Leads and Suspects were uncovered from the 146 companies from whom a decision was obtained (19% success rate). Overall, Aerospace and Alternative Energy yielded the most qualified leads; while Food and Plastics produced more suspects and long term lead opportunities.

Henderson County

Paris Air Show Mission

Applied Marketing researched and identified the top prospects based in the United States and Western Europe that were exhibiting at the Paris Air Show. Applied Marketing identified 93 domestic companies and 56 international companies for direct qualification and appointment setting. Top executives at these companies were directly contacted to introduce the benefits of Henderson County, North Carolina and appointments were made at the Paris Air Show with those companies qualified and willing to meet.


Project time of 9 weeks. SmartLeads™ research was started on the exhibitor list and presented to the client. Henderson approved the companies and qualification calls began. Final reports and summaries were assembled and delivered once the calls were complete.


Applied Marketing was able to secure 16 appointments at the trade show. Additionally, 7 long-term leads were identified for future follow-up. Company background reports were provided on all meetings, as well as feedback forms to be returned by Henderson after the meetings.

North Carolina's Southeast

Business Development Program

North Carolina's Southeast, after extensive research by Applied Marketing, targeted Boeing Suppliers to locate near the new Dream Liner Facility adjacent to their region. Representatives traveled to California, Washington, and Oregon to meet with companies who had an interest in expanding or moving to North Carolina. In addition, we selected an additional set of qualification calls that were the best fits for the NCSE Region regardless of geography. Conference calls and face to face meetings were set with qualified, interested companies.


Over an approximately 6 week timeframe Applied Marketing called 250-300 companies to create appointments for the Northwest. Over the same 6 weeks we called an additional 32 companies not included in the northwest region, to create conference calls.


Over the course of the program, 4 face-to-face meetings were created along with 2 phone conferences. NCSE representatives reported very positively that the meetings were with well targeted and qualified companies and expect 3 site visits within 120 days. They were also compelled to fly out and meet with one of the companies with which they had a phone conference. Additional long term leads were identified for their pipeline.