Developing & Cultivating Opportunities



Effective business development should put you in front of qualified decision makers, with projects, on a frequent basis. Other opportunities, who don't have a project today, should be added to a future pipeline of pre-qualified prospects for follow-up. Developing and cultivating these current and future opportunities is vital to long-term success.

Applied Marketing's professional qualification, appointment setting and meeting support can mean the difference between landing a company or not. We can also help you monitor, track, and market to the leads that have already been uncovered and developed, to fully realize the efforts of your business development efforts.

Lead Qualification

Applied Marketing will engage our telephone sales professionals to qualify the SmartLeads™ or SmartMail™ leads for current opportunities and future potential. 

We look for companies with:

1) A current or future project,
2) A willingness to consider your location, and/or
3) An interest in continuing a dialog or receiving information

Appointment Setting & Support

Applied Marketing’s Inside Sales services provides you a virtual staff of highly-trained sales professionals employing multiple calls or "touches" to qualify prospects, identify opportunities and set appointments.

The staff is onsite and monitored for clarity, professionalism, quality of calls, and efficiency.

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