SmartLeads™ are fully researched, verified target prospects that meet your SmartProfile™ parameters and represent the strongest leads within your target markets and industry sectors. Profiled companies from each Industry Sector are researched and filtered by recently reported business activity events that are typically predictive of a company being more likely to have a need for relocation or expansion. Events include recent mergers and acquisitions, executive changes, new product announcements, major contract announcements, new technology development, new market development, regulation/policy changes, and other such business events or activities. This process identifies and ranks higher, those prospective companies that have recently experienced one or more events likely to indicate a need for a new facility and is used to establish priority for SmartMail™ E-mail Marketing, for Telephone Lead Qualification and for Industry Show Appointments.

SmartLeads™ contain company information including company name, address, contact information (up to 4 key executives with emails), in-depth business description, SIC code, NAICS code, sales figures, employment information, growth percentages, location information, among other key company information as defined in the Profile. Additionally, all SmartLeads™ contain available articles describing the recent predictive events likely to indicate an expansion need.

Applied Marketing's LeadMonitor™ can monitor and refresh the research for your SmartLeads™ periodically.

The value of SmartLeads™ lies in the time saved and the access to more qualified prospects. SmartLeads™ result in a rate of 10 - 15% potential opportunities per dataset. Whereas unresearched leads have an opportunity rate of less than 1%.