Self-Identification and Qualification vs. Prediction

Custom e-mail campaigns are a cost-effective and powerful way to reach existing customers and build relationships with potential customers. Due to sheer volume alone, e-mail is an effective way to begin identifying prospects from a large universe of potential candidates. With a designed plan and proper messaging, leads self-identify as having an interest with a project now or on the horizon. 2,500 E-mail leads yield an average 200+ responses that include follow-up lead qualification with an expected 5 to 10 project opportunities.

Campaigns consist of a programmatic approach where multiple, distinct e-mails are sent on a pre-determined schedule. After a short period, the e-mails are modified and re-sent to the portion of the list that has not opened it. Interested recipients would click through to a landing page tied closely with the local market branding. Timely follow-up and qualification is a critical component of the e-mail program as research has indicated that a follow-up in the first 60 minutes has a much higher success rate due to freshness, and the likelihood of the target being at the phone number provided at that time.