The key to building a SmartProfile™ of target companies - companies particularly suited for investment in your community - is to identify the most feasible and desirable companies based on intelligence and research that captures certain factual characteristics (sales or employment growth rates, for example) or the occurrence of events that correlate to expansion, relocation or consolidation (such as top executive changes, acquisitions or mergers). With the proliferation of information sources it is critically important to select the right combination of information resources and the right data from each source. Applied Marketing maintains an extensive proprietary database of such information.

By mixing sources of information Applied Marketing can provide a comprehensive set of characteristics for each company. Predictive, researchable characteristics and related events used to develop SmartProfiles™ can include but are not limited to:


Company Size Measures

  • Annual Revenues
  • Number of Employees
  • Number of Company Locations

Growth Factors

  • Revenue Growth
  • Employment Growth
  • Share Price

Predictive Business Behavior and Events

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Activity
  • Raising Capital, Equity or Debt
  • Expansion or Consolidation Announcements
  • Geographic Market Expansion Plans or Announcements
  • Major New Product Announcements

Industry/Governmental Action

  • Changes in Industry Regulation
  • Game-Changing Competition

Locational Probabilities

  • Location Analysis to Identify Patterns of Location Decisions
  • Unique/Special Characteristics of Market Area