Trudy McClintic

Vice President

Since Trudy joined Applied Marketing, she has brought tremendous value to our team by streamlining processes while demanding high quality deliverables. She insists on elevating professional standards in all she does and is instrumental in keeping Applied Marketing running, not walking, forward.

Trudy McClintic is a proven leader. Her ­eighteen years at Osram Sylvania, including ten years in management and team leadership roles, show she is results driven. At the same time, Trudy builds effective teams. She is known for developing others and helping them maximize their potential. As a continuous learner, Trudy’s mindset is on continuous improvement. She applies Lean principles to analyze business systems and processes in order to have even more effective and efficient operations.

Trudy earned her business degree from Indiana Wesleyan and graduated with the highest honors (summa cum laude). She continues to develop professionally with a growing network of resources and is an avid reader and user of